Wimborne Spring Wedding Fair

This sunday I attended my very first wedding fair!! It was held at a beautiful Dorset venue; the Orangery Suite at Merley Hall. It was cold but the sun was shining, and there was a steady stream of couples and their tails of mothers, friends and children, looking for ideas for their upcoming weddings, some soon, some in 2020, even some undecided. It was a great day and a good opportunity to connect with people, both browsers and fellow stallholders – so many gifted, enthusiastic entrepreneurs!

This pile of little Gingerbread heart tasters diminished substantially towards the end of the event, and even a few who said they didn’t like gingerbread were pleasantly surprised.  I’d made little heart shaped shortbread biscuits and chocolate chip welsh cakes too, and several of the older ladies (trailing their bride-to-be daughters) came back for more!!CIMG4084

The value of attending an event like this goes beyond meeting lovely people, though. The learning process in preparing it all and then carrying it out, the useful advice, feedback and new ideas that arose from interacting with other stallholders, and the things I know I will do differently next time, are hugely valuable too. I’m hoping to receive a few orders as a result of the event, but even if I don’t it will still have been worth it. As my husband likes to tell me; “It’s already a success because you’ve done it!” How encouraging is that!! And this; Half way through the event I had a text with these words from my 5-year old daughter: “Keep on persevering – keep on practicing – keep on trying, we love you.” Thank you to them and to everyone I met that day, it was a privilege.



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