Why Gingerbread…?

I make gingerbread biscuits to an authentic traditional Norwegian recipe, decorated to suit any festive occasion. It’s traditionally something we make and eat at Christmas time in Norway (where I grew up), but it tastes and works well at any time of year, and keeps well. I love the flavour but also the smell when they bake, and the atmosphere and memories that it evokes. In Norway during advent, it’s a tradition to get together to make these, and people really do!! Both with family and with friends. It’s a lovely social affair that heightens both the sense of expectancy during advent and the enjoyment of the smells and flavours that to me have become part of the ‘essence’ of what is Norwegian. Living in England, I’ve enjoyed taking this tradition with me. And I’d like to share it more widely, by introducing this aromatic gingerbread as a great party favour! Decorated and individually wrapped, they make tasty and unique place cards at a wedding table, or a christening, anniversary or any other special occasion. I made some ‘lollies’ (gingerbread hearts on sticks, decorated with sweets) for my daughter’s birthday party in December to give away to her friends, instead of the usual plastic party-bag, and I can safely say they were not disappointed – most of them got chomped straight away. Of course they can be made to match the interests of the person being celebrated. Dinosaurs, batman wings or butterflies, there are cookie cutters in almost every shape available now. Bigger or unusual shapes can be made by hand. So why not give them a go next time you have something special to celebrate…? Go to the contacts page to get in touch for more info!


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