Party Favours

Hearts for weddings, Valentine’s or a wedding anniversary. Bunnies or eggs or chicks for Easter. Or choose bagged-up mini shapes as a special treat or gift, with a colourful ribbon and a gift tag. Dinosaurs or butterflies for children’s parties – or both, and they can choose! Stick a skewer in it and you have a snappy biscuit lollypop! The options are numerous. Choose your style, and I’ll make them for you.

Cost will depend on the size of the biscuits and the detail of the decorations, but I usually charge £1.75 per individually wrapped 10cm biscuit, or £2 for a bag of 6 small plain or simply decorated biscuits. That’s actually cheaper than the ones you buy in the shops, factory made, and mine are handmade and custom decorated!

Special offers on bulk orders may be available at certain times of year, look out for captions on the front page! Delivery costs will come on top, unless you live near me and can collect them.


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