A new project site calls for an introduction. Smoo&Smidler is a playful reference to a romance or a marriage. Or a dynamic duo – a partnership between two individual components that help each other shine. It also works around the idea that complexity and paradox is what makes things fly; it’s what we need, however frustrating it can be.

I chose it because it also illustrates who I am, and the paradoxes of my background and my taste. I can never make up my mind to choose one thing to focus on, I never have, so instead I have given up and decided to allow them to mingle and hope at least for an interesting ‘marriage’!

I live in the UK but am originally Norwegian. And I have travelled a lot. But wherever I go and everywhere I live, I love to create ‘hygge’ around me; a warm atmosphere, esthetical beauty. I like sharing. Everything lovely is better when enjoyed in good company, from which I find the best ideas also grow. And I like to create things that can be shared; art, food, space, stories, vision. Colour and patterns excite me, and finding ways to show them off. I like trees, silence, clean fresh air and moving slowly. I also love the intensity of bright colours, Arabic dance music and strong flavours. I like the dynamism and minimalism of modern design, yet feel drawn to the traditional and quirky.  In short I like contrasts. And I love it when different elements come together and become something new and even more wonderful because of those differences. To make a meal out of a short name, that’s perhaps the essence of what I hope Smoo&Smidler will be – a new doorway to sharing what I love. Enjoy the journey with me!


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